The best way to sample my writing is to visit my running blog. There, you will find book reviews, many articles related to my preparations for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, other fitness-related topics, and ruminations about writing, ageing, friendship, and intimate relationships.

Joseph Kibur and Haile Gebrselassie at Yaya Village

Joseph Kibur and Haile Gebrselassie at Yaya Village

I’ve also written running articles for Canadian Running magazine. The sidebar shown below is about Canadian runner and businessman Joseph Kibur’s high-performance training camp in Ethiopia.

copy of Yaya Village article from Canadian Running Magazine

This article was published in the Trail Special 2012 issue of Canadian Running Magazine

I wrote another article for Canadian Running magazine to eulogize the running achievements of my friend Dave Reed after he passed away. Here is an excerpt:

He had a child’s ability to get lost completely in the joy and excitement of a
moment of play, and he relived the high moments of races with the
singlemindedness of a kid.

Read full Dave Reed article here


Headline and photo of an article about Bernard Crespi
For a sample of my science writing, read my article about Bernard Crespi’s controversial theory of schizophrenia (illustrated above). This appeared in a February 2011 issue of The Other Press at Douglas College. Crespi Article

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